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If you are interested in booking a room for your group, please fill-in the form below and we will contact you in due course. Alternatively, email or phone the Anne Watkiss, Groups Co-ordinator on 07852 426601.
Daily Rates also available.


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Terms and Conditions

  1. As group leader I accept responsibility for this booking and for my group.
  2. I undertake to pay fees and charges arising from this booking
  3. I understand that the Tottington Centre reserves the right to vary or add to the terms and conditions of this booking but that they will notify the applicant in writing or by phone before any such changes occur (up to 1 month in advance for regular bookings)
  4. I accept responsibility for any damage to the property or premises which occurs as a consequence of the acts, omissions or behaviour of myself or those attending the event or activity
  5. I understand that I must leave the room as I found it
  6. I understand that I must provide at least 24 hours notice when cancelling a room booking and that a £5 cancellation fee may be incurred if cancellation is within 24 hours.
  7. Group leaders will be made aware of the Fire Procedures for the building
  8. ID must be provided at the time of booking (Driving License, Utility Bill etc)
Read to Teddy the border collie

Read to Teddy the border collie

Is your child lacking in confidence in reading? Teddy the 5 year old Rescue Collie adores listening to children read and is a specially trained therapy dog. Parents or carers of any child, of reading age, who is either very shy or has difficulties with reading, can...

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Hundreds of new books available for loan

Hundreds of new books available for loan

Thanks to your very generous donations of perfect quality, pre-loved books, we have put over 450 new titles into stock in the last 12 weeks.. Please keep your donations coming. We make use every single book donated (adult and children's). Some are put into stock, some...

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Visit from Salford Library Service

Visit from Salford Library Service

This week we welcomed to The Tottington Centre, Chris Farey, the Head of Salford Library Service and Naomi Lewis, the Manager of the Children's and Schools library Team. They were keen to hear all about how the Centre had developed a large number of thriving Activity...

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